Up to good in Berkeley


Spokes National has relocated from Oakland to Berkeley this summer, and will be up and running late August.

For the rest of this year, this is what SPOKES is up to:

  1. Searching for board and advisory members who wish to contribute to spreading a love for cycling, believing that it can help make communities kinder and healthier. We see cycling as a means for the less privileged to access better food options, better educational and job opportunities and build stronger, more diverse networks and hope you do too.
  2. Finding ways to continue serving East Bay families by getting more people on bikes that fit them. That means going to conferences to meet policymakers, going to events to meet with vendors to bring in more and better brands to fit different body types, lifestyles and ambitions. Whether you want to be a unicyclist or a recumbent cyclists, SPOKES has the relationships to help guide you.
  3. Building up support for next years triathlons and rides. If you would like to contribute or volunteer, please get in touch with us.

SPOKES National is also looking for an app developer to help create two community-oriented apps. If you’re one, or you know of one, please reach out to pearly@spokesnational.com

In the meantime, keep an eye out for SPOKES because we’ll be up to good in Berkeley!




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