SPOKES National is a national non-profit organization that aims to increase mobility economic vitality and community health in urban communities through bike culture.

We believe that communities that ride together understand each other better and care more for their environment, contributing to a better world altogether.

The following are ways in which SPOKES National is reaching out to communities:

  • United Cycling Voices

United Cycling Voices is an effort to bring together a more equitable team of cyclists to lead the change towards a more bicycle-friendly nation. Whether it’s policy making and changing, education, partnership creation or data collection and partnership formation, UCV hopes to inspire the world to think more about underserved communities.

  • Community Bike Shops

SPOKES is currently headquartered in Oakland, California, at the Oakland Spokes Bike Lounge at 366A Grand Avenue. The community bike shop opened in November 2015 to get more people on bicycles that fit their personalities and lifestyles. The full service bike shop carries everything from weight and size-appropriate bicycles for kids to high-end touring bikes for the adventurous, from adult tricycles for the elderly to single speeds for the fixie lovers.

Oakland Spokes has partnerships with bike shops in Minneapolis, LA and Florida and is often involved in speaking engagements and activities with kids and adults alike.

  • Family Bike Collective

The Family Bike Collective is a SPOKES National project targeted at developing the next generation of cyclists. The program places kids on bicycles that fit them from ages 18 months to 18 years, ensuring that the bikes that these children and youths ride are as well-maintained as adult bikes. We believe that a love for cycling starts from memorable childhood experiences. FBC activities include Training-Wheel Free Sundays and participation at Love Our Lake Day and Sunday Free Streets Berkeley.


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